Performance report: Current ROI for November 2023 - 7.7%

Crypto AI trading is:

Even for you.

Fully automated trading
No prior knowledge required
Unmatched profitability

Revolutionary Technology

    Our AI-powered crypto trading platform is the result of years of research and development by our team of experts in the field of artificial intelligence and cryptocurrency trading. We have trained our AI using historical market data and real-time trading information, enabling it to learn and adapt to constantly changing market conditions.

    Our AI uses a combination of advanced algorithms and machine learning to analyze market trends and trade on your behalf. It is capable of processing huge amounts of data and identifying patterns, allowing for highly accurate predictions of market movements.

    But we don't rely solely on the AI - our expert team also monitors the trades made by the AI to ensure the best possible results. Our AI is continually updated and refined to ensure that we stay one step ahead of the market.

As Seen On

Shockingly accurate

The Neuratrade AI has been trained to predict even the smallest market movements, with almost pinpoint precision, enabling a trade win rate of over 90%.

Although the data you see is actual Neuratrade AI realized trades and any shown predictions for the next close will be traded exactly like this by our AI, we strongly advise against trying to copy our trades manually with any of the shown data, the data could be delayed, the signals could change (and thus the AIs decision) last second, the rates from your broker could be different, etc. In any case, we will not be responsible for any losses you incur by trying to manually copy our trades.
Please note that the only reliable way to trade with our AI, is to actually let the AI trade for you via a Neuratrade package.

Why AI Trading?


The Neuratrade AI has been trained on trillions of data points and is trained on millions of additional data points daily.


Real-time analysis of trades on every major trading platform allows for trends to be identified earlier and entered at a more profitable stage.


Fear, greed, panic - emotions have no place in the trading process. An AI is not affected by emotions and therefore never makes trading decisions based on them.


The Neuratrade AI executes thousands of trades per minute. Small no risk - low reward trades are performed by the AI with minimal computing power.

AI Trading is Profitable

Profit Calculator

Enter how much you want to invest and we'll give you a glance what you would earn based on historical performance.


Automatic reinvestment of profit during runtime (compound interest)

Your profits will automatically be reinvested and earn daily compounding interest right away! Of course, everything can still be withdrawn anytime you like!

Investment Amount


Avg. Profit per Month

Avg. Profit per Day

The Future of Investments

Join today and start earning immediately!

We are confident that our AI-powered crypto trading platform is the most advanced and reliable on the market. It has been designed to maximize profits and minimize risks, making it the ideal solution for anyone looking to make money in the crypto market.

  • Low risk investing

  • Daily payout

  • No minimum term - Withdraw at anytime

  • Only $100 minimum investment

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