Artificial Intelligence Created by Human Intelligence

Leading the AI Industry: The Minds Behind the Technology

      Kai Schrader CEO
      Thomas Wagner CTO
      Adrian Alexopoulos Lead Engineer
      Anton Romano Lead Actuary
      Anne Traub Actuary
      James Xue Senior AI Engineer
      John Samson Senior AI Engineer
      Jeffrey Cheng AI Engineer
      Niels Larsson Senior Data Engineer
      Felix Mohnfeld Data Engineer
      Kai Simon Lead Data Scientist
      Sonja Weiss Junior Data Scientist
      Martina Bertel Legal & Compliance
      Annika Rufmeier Legal Secretary

      The revolution that the crypto sector needs

      Being at the forefront of the latest innovation in the crypto sector makes me proud and excited for the future. We are building something that will generate growth and prosperity for the next generation worldwide.

      Kai Schrader

      I am excited to share the innovative technologies that power our platform. We have spent years researching and developing our technology to create a platform that is both profitable and very low risk.

      Thomas Wagner